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Shipping and order information

How do I change my address?

How do I cancel/refund my order?

How do I add items to my current pre-order?

Which accessories are included in the grinder?

Can I purchase the chamber that upgrades my 3 piece into a 4 piece?

Can you send me order information requested by customs?

My package was returned to sender. What should I do?


When can I expect my order to ship?

How long will it take to receive the package?

How do I access my tracking number?

My tracking is not moving. Should I be concerned?

My tracking says delivered but I have not received my package. Can you help?

Will I have to pay VAT or import duty?

Do you ship to my country?

What does it cost to ship?

When will the bronze grinders ship?

Product and Warranty

How do I operate, clean, and assemble the grinder?

Is the blade sharp?

How do I make a warranty claim?

Where should I post my feeback?

Do all grinders come with a wooden case?

Business Inquiries

Do you have wholesale pricing available?

Can I rep your brand?

Will you send me a grinder to review?

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